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Future Projects

Drilling and Acquisition Focus

Through our pursuit of production properties to purchase (and subsequently drill), since August 2014, we have been continuously reviewing properties for potential purchase in our key operational area. Triangle economically incorporates major oil company exploration strategies that employ large-scale regional study applications targeting specifically “shallow” reserves of 10,000 feet or less. These prospects are generated using the latest in geo-technologies available such as 3-D seismic, gravity/magnetic surveys and thin bed sand exploitation to enhance overall project performance.

Our specialty is finding good shallow reserve projects. Two recent developments in the Gulf Coast regions of Texas have generated a great amount of interest:

  1. A large financial institution’s trust department is currently making its shallow (less than 7000 feet) mineral holdings available to Triangle for analysis and review for generation into potential drilling projects. This trust department oversees tens of thousands of mineral interest acres throughout Texas.
  2. A Petroleum Geological/Geophysical firm that traditionally pursues deep (10,000’ to 17,000’) Gulf Coast projects has agreed to work with us on “shallow drilling projects” (less than 7000’). Their available seismic coverage in over 30 Texas Counties has been refined to an analysis now described as “Direct Detection Analysis” for natural gas drilling prospects. The current success rate is reported at over 90%. Oil direct detection is not far behind.

Triangle continues to pursue new areas of drilling development to add to our current producing areas. Shallow, low-risk, high-reserve potential projects will continue to be our main focus while adding new technologies and prospect access to our approach.