Magna Resources Management Corporation
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Current Projects

Brookshire Dome

  • Field Cumulative: 14 Million BO
  • Magna Resources Leases: 5 Million BO Estimated Potential
  • Magna Resources Distributions: Over $100 Million in Oil and Gas Revenue to Date
  • Magna Resources Cumulative: 1.4 Million BOE to date (above -5000’)
  • Magna Resources D&M Reserve Study: 4.7 Million Gross BO remaining (above -5000’)
  • Technology: Proprietary 3-D seismic shoot (2015) to identify New Potential Reserves (to -15,000’)

Batson Dome

  • Field Cumulative: 37 Million BO
  • Flank Development: Magna Discovery

Cottonwood Creek

  • Field Cumulative: 5.6 Million BO
  • Average Production Per Well: 270,000 BO
  • Technology: 3-D Seismic

Houston Salt Basin

  • 3 Other Salt Domes in Development. Additionally, Magna Resources is currently pursuing multiple underdeveloped Salt Domes in the Houston Salt Basin

Acquisition Focus

  • Texas, east of Scurry County to the Sabine River (Louisiana line),
  • South of the Red River (Oklahoma line) to the Gulf and as far south as Corpus.