Magna Resources Management Corporation
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A Leading Energy Independent

Magna Resources is a privately held oil and gas company located in Dallas, Texas focused on strategic oil and gas exploration, acquisition and development primarily in the petroleum rich Gulf Coast Region of the United States. Since our founding in 1995, Magna Resources has discovered an estimated 25 million barrels of oil and produced over $100 million in oil and gas property revenues.

Magna Resources focuses exclusively on conventional oil plays. By design we eliminate 90% of the oil and gas business up front (i.e. shale resource plays, drilling depths greater than 10,000’, hydraulic fracking, offshore drilling, multiple casing strings, extreme high pressure zones, re-entries, etc.). Instead we concentrate on the less complicated, and much more profitable, side of developing oil and gas properties.

Magna Resources has a management team that has worked together for decades and is an integral part of our foundation for success. Our key management has years of combined experience in both onshore and offshore drilling in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and California, with a proven track record of increasing reserves and production while lowering costs.

As the Managing Partner to our Joint Ventures, we have successfully managed partnerships with industry partners and individuals alike. Our strategic alliances with well-established industry partners allow us to create unique opportunities that we believe will reap long-term rewards. We continue to selectively pursue new development acquisitions that correspond to our standards of potential while maintaining captive operations to ensure cost effectiveness and profitability through various economic cycles.

During our twenty-six (26) year tenure, our goal remains steadfast – to secure superior oil and gas prospects that provide significant reserve potential with measured downside risk for our participating Partners.