Magna Resources Management Corporation
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Operations Overview

In May 2003, Magna Resources created a wholly-owned subsidiary, Triangle Three Resources, LLC (Triangle), to function as operator to coordinate all acquisitions, land, legal, drilling, completion and field operations of Magna’s oil and gas holdings.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Triangle focuses operations in Texas, primarily in Southeast and South Central Texas along the Texas Gulf Coast producing region.  Oversight and coordination of all Triangle operations are controlled out of the Dallas home office.  Triangle also maintains a field office at their main Brookshire Dome oil field site located in Brookshire, Texas (45 miles west of Houston).  Triangle currently has over 300 subcontracted vendors on open account.

While our core activities are concentrated in the hydrocarbon-rich states in the Gulf Coast region, we are continually evaluating strategic opportunities in oil and gas producing areas throughout the United States.

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