Magna Resources Management Corporation
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Historical Highlights

January 2021.

Magna Southeat Flank Discovery on Brookshire Dome has produced over 2 miilion barrels of oil equivalent.

May 2018.

Magna partners with publically traded company to drill deep horizontal wells with 5000' laterals in W.Texas.

January 2017.

Magna drills 80th well in Brookshire.

July 2016.

Deeper Yegua Field Discovery on Brookshire Southeast Flank using 3-D Seismic Inversion.

Summer 2016.

3-D Seismic Inversion performed by Tricon Geophysics.

Spring 2016.

3-D Seismic Interpretation performed by Bell & Murphy Associates.

Winter 2015.

Dawson Processing interpolated 110' x 110' bins to 55' x 55' bins.

Summer 2015.

Brookshire Dome proprietary 3-D Seismic Survey Acquisition performed by Dawson Geophysical (110' x 110' bins, 80% Dynamite).

Spring 2015.

Planning/permitting for 3-D Seismic Shoot on Brookshire Dome Southeast Flank to identify new reserves down to 15,000’.

January 2015.

Drilled 58th well in Brookshire.

Spring 2014.

Industry Funding Source secured to pursue producing fields with additional drilling potential.


1st Million BOE produced from Brookshire Dome Flank (-3900' to -5000). The area still contains additional proven drilling locations and unperforated pay intervals in current producing wells.

July 2012.

D&M Reserve Appraisal Report for Magna Leases, Brookshire Dome Flank:

  • 4.7 Million Gross BO remaining (-3900' to -5000’).

March 2012.

Drilled 50th well in Brookshire Dome Field.


Became the 3rd Largest Oil Producer in Waller County, Texas.

May 2006.

Concluded first multi-well production divestiture for $5.2 Million.

December 2003.

Drilled Discovery Well on Brookshire Dome Flank, keying off of regional and specific subsurface geologic study, and aerial imaging combined with 3D seismic data and Electro Magnetic Tellurics (EMT).

May 2003.

Established Operating Company, Triangle Three Resources, LLC, to oversee all field operations, manage subcontracted professionals/vendors and coordinate all land, legal and engineering pursuits.

March 2003.

Drilled first well in Brookshire Dome Field.

February 2003.

Identified Potential Reserves in Multiple Underdeveloped Salt Domes with Brookshire Dome offering the greatest number of drilling opportunities for new hydrocarbon discoveries and further development.  

January 2003.

Completed a Regional Study of 33 Salt Dome Fields in Houston Salt Dome Basin to define further field development potential, productive common denominators (SE Flank analogies) and refine pursuit of each individual field area.

November 2002.

Scooter Glass joined adding Petroleum Geology/Engineering/Geophysical experience and Operating Management expertise with over 40 years’ experience to date.

November 1997.

First multi-well oilfield acquisition.

October 1997.

Randal Rust joined adding Engineering and Oil and Gas Finance experience with a total of 30 years’ experience to date.

March 1996.

Drilled 1st well.

May 1995.

C. E. "Kip" Zimmerman formed Magna to develop proven oil fields with JV partners.