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Triangle Three Resources

Triangle Three Resources L.L.C. (“Triangle”), is a licensed Operator (#868790) in the state of Texas for oil and gas wells. Through Triangle, Magna is able to offer low-cost operations, which potentially maximizes revenue from each prospect.

Maintaining a high level of professionalism and experience is essential to event-free operations and a positive result. Triangle has established an excellent reputation through its operations with surface owners, mineral owners, competitors, field personnel, vendors/subcontractors and regulatory agencies alike.  Our goal is to maintain this reputation with a well-sorted and orchestrated team of subcontractors to pursue oil and gas reserves in a precise and cost-efficient manner.

Whenever possible, Triangle economically incorporates major oil company exploration strategies to enhance overall project potential.  Triangle’s strategy of coupling low-cost operations with advanced production technologies allows efficient production of wells at significantly lower costs than that of major oil and gas companies. These strategies may include large-scale regional study applications plus the latest geo-technologies where possible.

Additionally, Triangle has over three hundred (300) vendors on open account. These contract agents, each with a specified expertise and geographic area, allow us to maximize field operational control. Individual well reporting, in both regulatory and corporate areas, is also a necessary function of Triangle’s duties.

Why Triangle Three Resources

  • Highly successful 14 year old operating company.
  • Base of field operations in Houston, Texas area.
  • All field work done by subcontractors to reduce operating costs and liability.
  • Operations manager with over 40 years’ experience in 15 states in the U.S.
  • Take great pride in our oil field operations and well sites.
  • Proposed TD: Less than 10,000’
  • Triangle works directly with Magna on all management decisions.
  • Extensive reporting on Well Operations and Monthly Statements for Magna Partners.
  • Simply put: We are the best!

To visit the Triangle Three Resources website, click here.